Art, Sea and lots of Nature in Tuscany

Italy is a country which every year attracts many people who arrive to this beautiful country for the beauty of the art cities and,

of course, the beautiful natural landscapes that follow one another throughout the peninsula.

There is one particular area considered among the most desired by tourists from around the world. Tuscany is a region slightly off-center to the north and here are artistic attractions of immense value and very unique historical sites of its kind.

To understand how important Tuscany is from an artistic point of view it is enough to mention the artistic cities: Florence, Siena, and Pisa.

These are famous worldwide for their monuments and their works' art, such as Florence Cathedral, the Tower of Pisa, and Piazza del Campo in Siena. They have become universal symbols of the artistic attractions present in Italy.

In addition to the great cities of art, Tuscany it is full of small villages and medieval towns that bear witness to the great past of this region.

Tuscany in the past was one of the most advanced places and villages of Western civilization for centuries.

Who visit Tuscany can also benefit from beautiful and unspoiled natural landscapes that range from the sea to the countryside and even to the mountains.

The sea in Tuscany is never-ending variety of environments along the Tyrrhenian coast, starting from the long beaches of Versilia to the areas of the Argentario reefs.
As for the rural areas Tuscany offers beautiful areas with ancient villages and remains of great historical value, one of the country's most prestigious areas of Tuscany is Chianti. The Chianti region is located nearby Florence with a hilly countryside that alternates beautiful and not spoilt place. The area is well tended and cultivated; here people produce one of the best wines being sold at the best restaurants in the world.

Even the mountains in Tuscany attract many tourists both in summer and in winter.

In summer, you can make beautiful walks in unharmed nature. In the winter season, Tuscany offers the possibility of skiing in various locations suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers.
Many foreigners are in love with Tuscany and its surroundings. Witnessing this there are so many citizens of other nations who have decided to buy a house in this beautiful region of Italy. So many famous people bought prestigious property surrounded by green spaces, where to spend their best holiday time.

Here is a tour that will allow you to visit almost all of Tuscany in one day: