Contemporary Florence

Florence today is a modern city still with the very great works of the past living here.

Millions of people visit Florence every year to see the incredible monuments that have allowed this small Italian town to be famous all the way. Renaissance was the time when Florence became famous throughout the world.
During these times, Florence was ruled by the Medici family. Medici dynasty chose the path of progress by promoting policies of development in all fields. The Medici family also contributed directly with economic resources and political power to produce works of great importance, such as the Uffizi and the Vasari corridor.
Florence in the past has been an example for the whole world. The city began to operate the first banks, which played an important role, eased credit facilities and this favored trade among nations. This was done with the introduction of the letter of credit.
The introduction of the letter of credit allowed families like de Medici to accumulate immense wealth so these important government rulers created Florence to be the one of the most important cities in Europe.

Florence became such a very busy city with many important people living here.

City generally increased its population considerably. Unfortunately, during more modern the political and economic role of Florence had declined, although this has not lowered city’s importance in terms of art and beauty.
The phase of decadence in modern times has precluded Florence from the role as a political and commercial guide in Europe. Anyway, Florence maintained its territory secured from excessive urban development. In many other areas of Italy, the urban and industrial development has destroyed the beauty and integrity of the artistic and cultural heritage.
Surrounding areas of Florence also preserved from modern development, a few kilometers from the historic center there are hilly areas and the countryside where, besides the nature, you can find ancient villages, churches, palaces and ancient castles still in excellent condition.

The urban area of Florence and the surroundings has maintained the antique look of the city.

Many foreign arts, past eras history, and antiquities lovers live for a long time in this Italian city and in the surrounding rural areas.
In addition, various ancient folk traditions are still alive and deeply felt in here. For example, ‘scoppio del carro’ - the Explosion of the Cart and ‘Calcio storico Fiorentino’ – historic football in costumes. These events allow the glorious past of Florence to live again today.

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