Esoteric Florence: a Magical Walk

There is a Florence in the sunlight and an alchemical Florence, secret, full of mysteries.

Florence hides many secrets in its streets and, of course, in its monuments, which perhaps she ignores and does not give them the importance they have.

Alchemy is the doctrine and experimental study of chemical phenomena that developed since ancient times and throughout the Middle Ages and that claimed to discover the constituent elements of the universe, the transmutation of metals, the elixir of life.

Esotericism is a set of knowledge and practices related to magic, alchemy, astrology and similar subjects, which are not based on scientific experimentation.

Necromancy is a collection of knowledge and practices that seek to ward off and subdue evil spirits and hidden evil forces to cause harm to others.

Magic is the art of illusionism that consists in the ability to create tricks that give the illusion of manipulating objects, situations or people so that logic cannot understand.

The acts of magic are composed of magic tricks, among the most common is magic with cards. The tricks make appear, disappear and find letters, ideas or objects that are not possible in our physical rationality.

Magic originates from the Greek word mageia which means 'quality of the supernatural'. It also derives from the Sanskrit sorceress which means 'illusion'.

The origin of magic is associated with esotericism, such as the knowledge of the occult associated with knowledge that goes beyond the physical or metaphysical world. In this sense, magic was a hidden art and science studied by magicians and sorcerers for the manipulation, control and manipulation of invisible energies.

Magic is also used in colloquial form to refer to the feeling and spell of a situation or concept such as, for example, when it is said that love is blind because of the magic of love.

You’ll find the details of these three covens in the streets of this beautiful city, you’ll be amazed by the stories you may have never heard before, you’ll find the details of these three covens in the streets of this beautiful city, You will be amazed by the stories you may have never heard before and you will feel the magic of every story told by our expert guide in this area.

If you are a lover of supernatural facts or even magical, we invite you to know our tour where you can find several squares that hide great stories, among them the Piazza della Santissima Annunziata where there is the stable of Ferdinando I de' Medici that hides many details, One of them is the story that tells that when he was about to go to war if loved, he went out the window to greet him and remained there waiting with the window open until he died because Fernandino never returned because he died in battle.

Years after that happened, some legends say that that window cannot be closed because when you tried to close happened things inside the house like strange movements, noises, objects fell, etc.

This is because it is believed that the spirit of Fernandino’s beloved is still in that house and continues to wait for one day his beloved arrives, which is why the window cannot be closed under any circumstances.

Even in Fernandino’s stable are hidden secrets: on the back are engraved a series of bees, and according to legend if you can count them without touching them and say the exact number of bees that are there, this will bring you luck. We already know the number, but... don’t you want to try?

It is also said that the queen bee symbolizes the knight and the smaller bees that accompany him in his journey and that always go with him helping him and giving him strength, symbolize the people.

You will also learn about the mysteries of the baptistery and the gate of the great cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

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