Florence between art and science

Florence is a city that has plenty to see. There are so many beauties in the city; often locals know just a small part of all.

This Italian city is known worldwide for being the center and birthplace of the Renaissance.

Renaissance was very important period in history for humanity progress in the West.

Florence was one of the richest cities in Europe in the past and it is possible to say that even better governed. Rulers of Florence were particularly proficient at avoiding the destructive wars that set fire to the West at that time.

Florentines accumulated enormous economic resources, which they did not use for financially consuming war, but for the development and progress of both the art and the science.

The enormous number and uniqueness of the works that Florence inherited during the Renaissance are the result of good governance of dynasties. It has put a mark on history of humanity as well shaped the scientific and artistic growth.

The dynasty that had most contributed to the Florence and the Renaissance, culturally and politically was definitely the Medici family.

The Medici dynasty has left in Florence works in the Galleria degli Uffizi, the Vasari Corridor, the Boboli Gardens and many sculptures and paintings that today are seen in museums of this beautiful Italian city.

In addition to commissioning these works, the Medici family was able to ensure that the works remained in Florence. Thanks to a special edict that constrained these works as a gift to the city of Florence with the promise that none of these works would be sold, or sent elsewhere.

For this reason, Florentines are grateful to the Medici family, which with their visionary choices have allowed Florence to become the most admired and visited by millions of tourists’ Italian city.

Florence during the Renaissance was an example for the entire world. Not only the realization of very important works of art happened in Florence, it was also the perfect place for great scientists and thinkers during centuries. They were developing extremely important disciplines such as astrology, mechanics and medicine here.

Among the greatest scientists, we can remember Galileo Galilei and Leonardo da Vinci.

Men with their insights and their studies enabled the world to begin to evolve and understand things that were considered impossible to understand at those times.

Florence, with its great masters contributed in an important way to bring out the world from the dark and difficult period that was the Middle Ages.

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