Florence by Night

If the Cradle of the Renaissance is a show to enjoy at all times... Florence at night is a must.

At sunset, the wonders of Florence light up and the Arno conquers a heavenly aura. The atmosphere and the image of the city become magical and its streets fill with life. A life different from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Besides being rich in art and history, Florence offers numerous entertainment opportunities, with many clubs, pubs and discos. The nights in Florence can be spent not only in a club but on the street looking at its wonderful monuments in the moonlight, or simply walking and finding artists who sing and joke.

Almost all the clubs and pubs are located in the city center, around the Duomo and the other famous squares of the city; you can find many small places to drink a beer or a glass of the best Chianti wine. Many pubs are Irish, but there is also an English, American and Spanish one.

Definitely a place to go at night is the Piazza del Duomo and enjoy the illuminated Cathedral of Florence. During the day, the predominant white and green marble of the square gives its monuments a brightness and a very special beauty. Florence at night transforms that beauty into something different, its marble appears equally clear and imposing, but with the light of the moon it seems a place made for her to reflect. It’s a safety pin.

Almost at the same level there is Piazza della Signoria, because the Palazzo Vecchio at night has one of the most beautiful lights in the whole city. Moreover, the great palace seems to become even larger under the black sky of Florence. The Loggia dei Lanzi, the open-air museum in Florence, remains there in the middle of the night at our disposal, with all its statues bathed by the light of the stars giving us an authentic spectacle.

Finally, we cannot forget Piazza della Repubblica. It is one of the squares of Florence that some visitors sometimes forget. Crassus mistake! The Piazza della Repubblica is one of the most beautiful in Florence. At night, its high column and its Arc de Triomphe shine more than ever. You can’t miss it!

Without diminishing anything to the beauty of the squares of Florence at night, the Oscar goes to the Ponte Vecchio. For someone, despite everything, it is the symbol of Florence. The old bridge has something special. And we already know that those feelings multiply at night. The vision of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence at night confirms this. Its night lighting is really fantastic. Finding a good place on the bank of the Arno to sit and observe it will be an unforgettable memory for our trip.

But if instead of looking for a place on the bank of the Arno you want to take it to another level... the highest (never said better) is Piazzale Michelangelo. From the viewpoint we will have the best view of Florence to be able to contemplate all the splendor of Florence at night.

The night of Florence is very lively and begins early. From 20:00 many clubs and restaurants begin to fill up with neighbors and travelers who come together to enjoy a good Tuscan cuisine or a good drink. The atmosphere of Florence is healthy and pleasant. At the center we generally find an international audience and mix of Florentines with visitors. In the districts of Florence, such as San Lorenzo or Oltrarno, most of them are clearly local.

One of the favorite activities of the Florentines is the aperitif.

This consists of a kind of light dinner or even a picnic before dinner. Most of the city’s restaurants and bars offer it. The aperitif consists in paying an alcoholic drink at a price ranging from 8 euros to 20 euros and, along with the drink, you have free access to a rich and varied buffet. It is a great plan to enjoy Florence at night and enjoy the Tuscan gastronomy.

In short, if Florence has fallen in love with you in broad daylight, at night its charm multiplies by a thousand. You never want dawn to rise with the wonderful view you’ll get at night.

Here a tour to enjoy Florence by night: https://www.madeoftuscany.it/florence-by-limousine/