Florence cradle of the Renaissance

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance, a city that, thanks to the works of great artists and great rulers of the past has become an icon of beauty and art to the world.

Visitors of Florence have the feeling of being in an open-air museum.

Walking the streets and squares of the historic center of this beautiful Italian city and meeting the works and buildings of great historical and artistic value is a wonderful experience.

Just in a few kilometers, following one another there are many masterpieces.
UNESCO declared the historic center of Florence, a World Heritage Site, historical and artistic heritage to protect and keep being one of the finest examples of what man can build.

In the historic center of Florence, there are some of the most visited Italian museums.

For example, Uffizi gallery and the Academy, every day these Florence museums attract thousands of visitors, foreign tourists form long queues and wait for hours for their turn to have access to the halls of these museums to admire the beauty of unique works of its kind.

In addition to monuments and endless masterpieces, there are many other place in Florence sought after by tourists from around the world. One of the most characteristic and well loved by tourists is the Oltrarno area.
Oltrarno is the opposite side of the Arno River from the old town, part of the city, where a majority of the monuments and the most famous museums are concentrated. This place has preserved best the typical features and traditions of Antique Florence.

In Oltrarno there are still very old craft shops and traditional Florentine trattorias.

Places that have retained their typical features of an age-old tradition by helping to create a unique atmosphere back in time.

Oltrarno is also famous for being area of antique Florentine dealers, who are among the most important in the world and among its works of art objects of great value worth to be exhibited in major museums.
In this area, you can also taste the Florentine and typical Tuscan dishes cooked according to ancient tradition. There are many restaurants and taverns in this neighborhood that come alive at night, many places and bars accepting people up to late at night.
A place of great fascination is the Ponte Vecchio, which over time has become one of the best-known symbols of Florence and photographed by tourists from around the world.

The Ponte Vecchio has a very original structure, this bridge is not just a river crossing, but is a real ancient road that houses the most prestigious jewelry shops in Florence.

These goldsmith shops still produce jewelery and gold items according to ancient artisanship of a time creating unique and unrepeatable objects.

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