Tours / Florence Duomo Tour: all the monuments of the complex

Among the masterpieces that attract tourists from all over the world to this city, surely the complex of the cathedral is not to be missed for anyone who arrives in Florence.

The Opera del Duomo of Florence was founded in 1296 by the Florentine Republic to supervise the construction of the Cathedral and is now responsible for its preservation and enhancement.

The complex consists of the Baptistery San Giovanni, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Crypt of Santa Reparata, the Dome of Brunelleschi, and Giotto's Campanile. You'll visit the Museum, which hosts all the masterpieces that once were inside the Cathedral and the Baptistery: the original Gates of Paradise, the Pietà by Michelangelo, Maria Maddalena by Donatello, and much more.

Your visit will lead you for three hours among these wonderful monuments. Our guide will begin by showing you both the outside and inside of the Baptistery with the famous Gates of Paradise. Your guide will then continue into the entry of the Cathedral, by introducing the discovery of the artistic beauty of the Cathedral, including a visit to the Crypt of Santa Reparata.

Finally, your guide will let you free to conclude the tour with the ascent to the Campanile di Giotto and Brunelleschi's Dome, where you can enjoy the incomparable aerial view of the city of Florence, right from its center!

A breathtaking tour that is accessible to all!

Tour of the Opera del Duomo complex: Ascent to the Absolute!


Available days: Everyday

Bookable Starting Time: From 9:30 am to 01:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Available Languages:

All, on reservation

Adult rate: The rate of the tour depends on the number of people. CALCULATE YOUR OWN RATE!

Child rate: From 6 years to 10 years discounted with ID. Please insert number of people.

Meeting Point: In front of the central door of the Cathedral

Additional Information: Climbing the dome is possible based on reservation and availability.  To access the Opera del Duomo Complex, shoulders and legs must be covered.