Tours / Florence Inferno Group Tour on Dan Brown tracks

..."All hope abandon, ye who enter here"...
Nine groups, seven sins, a terrifying secret...

The Inferno tour discovers the places and the mysteries of the novel by Dan Brown: INFERNO.

Our Florence, full of mystery and wrapped in an unusual atmosphere, the birthplace of Dante Alighieri, the Great Poet, who follows the main character of the book, Robert Langdon, deeper and deeper into the Hell...
One symbol after the other, one place after the other until the discovery of the last secret! 
Science, literature, art are mixed together.

You will see a transformed Florence, you will learn a new face of Dante Alighieri, you'll be immersed in the medieval Florence.

We will move between buildings, galleries, old palaces and works of art of a distant time. Just exploring this mysterious past we can understand what is hidden behind the INFERNO!
Our tour walks around the protagonist of the novel, Robert Langdon and his search for the truth. Sorry, but we cannot reveal the itinerary here... just come and live it with us!

Concretely, the visit will start with a tour of the historic center to discover some places, squares, and monuments where the film was filmed, and it will continue at the Palazzo Vecchio in search of hidden clues all over the walls or within the walls of the old Medici residence. All this journey will allow us to literally feel this "hellish" atmosphere !!!!

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Available days: Monday, Saturday

Bookable Starting Time: 3:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Available Languages:

  • Monday: English, Francais, Español
  • Saturday: English, Italiano, Deutsch

Adult rate: € 42,00

Child rate: 6-17 years: € 21,00 
                     0-5 free

Meeting Point: Piazza della Signoria, Neptune’s fountain 2:45 pm

The rate includes: Expert local Tour guide
Entrance tickets with reservation