Love on horseback

Artists, philosophers, poets and even psychologists and neuroscientists have tried to respond to love.

They’re all partly right because it’s such a complex feeling that there are many ways to interpret and define it.

Depending on traditions and cultural beliefs, each person could have a different perception of what it is to love and be loved. Love exists between family, friends and couples. Even pets such as dogs and cats have demonstrations of love towards their owners and vice versa.

This feeling takes on a different meaning in every context. Consequently, its implications are manifold and it is not possible to reach a consensus on its definition. However, we can try to understand it from a global point of view.

Love is expressed through a series of emotions and feelings that fill the soul with peace, joy and passion.

It can be synonymous with appreciation, treasure, warmth, shelter, concern and respect. It is also said that the person he loves feels full and full of life.

But love has two faces. When it is reciprocal, the lucky ones perceive it as pure magic, because a bond is established between two people who love each other in a reciprocal way.

Instead, when it is unrequited, that same joyful and vitalizing love can become a seed for sadness and frustration.

Love is a feeling that develops for other people, but also for animals and objects in different sizes. Also, because of its transforming power, it is thought to be one of the best feelings that a person can experience.

Psychologically, love is an emotional need for companionship and sexual satisfaction that is determined by several variables. First, the human being is a social being, that is, he needs constant interaction with others.

For this reason, for psychologists, love is the pursuit of emotional and physical attention by another person. According to this perspective, love helps man to be happy and, happiness being his life goal, it also contributes to achieving his self-realization.

In psychology, love is the result of intimacy, passion and commitment. These three aspects form a strong bond between two people who express acceptance, trust, desire, admiration and fidelity.

From science, love involves the action of several neurotransmitters. Between them, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin play a primordial role, as they produce feelings of pleasure, affection and satisfaction in the nervous system.

For anthropologist and biologist Helen Fisher, love is intended to satisfy the basic needs of the human being. It is therefore a necessary feeling that obeys a natural motivation.

The specialist stresses that man needs to be loved, create ties and plans for the future with a partner to feel stability, calm and security. At the same time, love is also mediated by attachment and self-satisfaction.

In this way, love relationships are based on an agreement in which two people respond to their biological and anthropological needs.

In general, to understand the meaning of love, it is necessary to understand the three fundamental aspects:

Love is acceptance : When you love, you give the beloved the freedom to be as he is. Especially without thinking that he could be better, without criticism or prejudice.

Love is unconditional : No matter what being loved does or says, you do not stop loving it or at least not immediately, because love is a deep-rooted feeling to last and grow. In this sense, in love, there is room for forgiveness and reconciliation.

When love depends on conditions, then one does not love the person but what he does, what he says or what he represents, but not his essence as a human being.

Love is disinterested : True love does not seek something in return, because it is a feeling that inspires giving affection and attention without preconditions. Otherwise, it is a selfish relationship in which one has personal pleasure as a goal and this is not love.

There is no universal definition that makes it clear to us what love is definitively. It is a feeling that everyone builds from their own experience, learning and beliefs.

This is why we think that every expression of love made by a person is valid every time it involves respect.

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