How to best plan a visit to Florence

Even if you do not want a tour guide who will accompany you and tell you in an illustrious way about works of art in museums or in the streets of Florence, we can still give you some points that will help you organize your tours in Florence rationally and pleasantly.

1) Get yourself a map of Florence and calmly and quietly study it before coming to the city.

It's definitely easier to arrange tours in Florence in a quiet place without the inevitable confusion and rapidity, which finds you once you reach the city.

To study a course you could also use one of the many interactive maps on the Internet, which also make it possible to ‘walk’ the streets and squares in Florence.

2) If you want to visit a museum, we advise to plan earlier and if possible get tickets beforehand.

Especially for museums such as the Uffizi and the Accademia, as they are visited by a large number of people who end up forming long queues every day.

3) When planning a tour in Florence it is also important to plan with enough time.

It is good to estimate a time frame for each visit, that allows us to make desired visits calmly and providing some breaks for rest and refreshment.

4) If you want to pause the tour with a good meal it is advisable to inquire earlier about some good restaurant or tavern which is close to the place that you decided to visit.

In this way you will avoid wasting time looking for the right restaurant to eat at.

5) Avoid scheduling tours which are too long or cover too broad of an area to visit at once.

Visiting Florence is very nice but every street and square of this beautiful Italian city has many things to see, and each of them deserves the right observing time.

Better to divide into more tours to visit Florence so this way you can pleasantly enjoy the city without stress.

6) Florence during the summer is very hot. It is better to visit the places inside while it is sunny, during the hottest hours, to go to museums where there is air conditioning. It is less hot in the mornings or late afternoons and then it is good to walk outside.

7) Considering foreign languages, is preferable to have a person in your group who speaks English correctly. English in Florence is the best-known language, after Italian, as in museums as in catering establishments such as bars and restaurants.

8) If you plan to use public transport, please, check the timetables, as not all the tracks are served fast enough.

It is also advisable to obtain tickets in advance so you do not have to waste time looking for a store. Tickets can be bought from the ticket machine, which can be found at some of the main bus/tram stops

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