Tours / A look on Lucca: private walking tour

Welcome to the "city of a hundred churches".

Come with us and spend 2 hours in the bastion city of Lucca, surrounded by 4 kilometers of walls that date back to the Middle Ages. Its military architecture from the 16th and 17th centuries was designed as a fortress in order to protect itself from the political dimension of the Medici family. Do you know where the name of the city of Lucca comes from? To tell the truth, it derives from the Ligurian word which means: "a marshy place", because in ancient times there were marshy formations around the city. Lucca is a fascinating city that has numerous activities such as thermal springs, natural parks and much more. Above all, Lucca is a place of exchanges and passages, making for a pleasant walk. Far from the chaos of big cities, you will get to peacefully observe the preservation of its medieval structures.

We will start in Amphitheater Square, where you will notice the particular form of this urban planning. This place is oval in shape because it was built on the remains of a Roman arena. The question you're probably asking yourself is: why replace this legacy? Well, take the tour to find out! We will continue towards the true masterpiece of Palazzo Pfanner, built in the 17th century for wealthy and important families, where you will get to admire its baroque design and its beautiful gardens.

In the distance you will see the Guinigi tower which houses hanging gardens. Now, if you like shopping and eating, follow via Fillungo, where you can enjoy a delicious snack before leaving for Piazza San Martino. On this square you will find important monuments such as The Cathedral of San Martino (Duomo di San Martino) built in 1070 by Pope Alexander II. There are countless beautiful works in it, but your guide will surely tell you more about this place and its legends.

We will continue the visit at the Lys theater in Piazza del Giglio. This neoclassical theater, which brings together plays and an opera, was built in the 17th century. Following a fire, it was rebuilt in 1819 by the Italian architect Giovanni Lazzarini. Then, we will explore the picturesque streets of the city to find ourselves in front of Porta San Pietro and take a walk along the walls, enjoying a majestic view overlooking the city.

Join our walking tour of Lucca and discover the secrets of this beautiful city.


Available days: Every day

Bookable Starting Time: From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Available Languages:

All, on reservation

Adult rate: The rate of the tour depends on the number of people. CALCULATE YOUR OWN RATE!

Child rate: Children free until 17 years old (accompanied by an adult)

Meeting Point: Porta Santa Maria, Piazza Santa Maria, Lucca