Studying in Florence

Studying in Florence is an opportunity that many young foreigners seek to achieve, this Italian city is famous worldwide for its history and beauty of the works of art.

Florence is a very important place of attraction for everything related to art.

So much that in addition to all the art museums, monuments and majestic architectural works located there, in Florence there are also many art schools.

Where many foreign students are dedicated to learn the ancient techniques that the masters used to create objects and works of art of all kinds.
Painting, sculpture and literature are forms of art that have most contributed to make the city famous in the world, parallel to these many other art forms have also developed over the centuries.
Gold processing and textiles have reached levels of absolute excellence in Florence. In some cases, giving rise to the great artistic and economic value. The goldsmith's art was one of the exceptional in the city for centuries, and was a way to satisfy the generous orders of important personalities of the time.
For art students Florence is the ideal place to learn and improve their skills, in addition to the many excellent institutes of which are managed by Italian and foreign teachers team, students can enjoy a city rich in all kinds of artistic works.

Even just a walk through the historic center of Florence in itself is an opportunity to see a very large number of works of art.

Even UNESCO titles Florence as a "World Heritage Site for its high concentration of monuments and artistic beauties that are present on a proportionally limited territory.
Thanks to the beauty of this city students who come to study in Florence have the opportunity to enhance their aesthetic sensibility every day where they live.
The streets and squares of the old town are places that deserve to be viewed with great care. These are the result of a glorious past when Florence was the most famous center of attraction for artists and teachers. They have completed their best works here.
Not only young foreign students but also many famed scholars from around the world spend longer or shorter periods of time in Florence. Many scholars often return to deepen and broaden their knowledge and better understand the ancient techniques that have made this city well-known around the world.

One of the most studied monuments from experts around the world and that still poses important questions about the construction methods used, is definitely the dome by Brunelleschi.

This dome was built at a time when it was believed impossible to create structures of this kind, even with the methods and current technologies such construction would be considered difficult to achieve.
What the Brunelleschi achieved with building the Dome is just one of the many fascinations that attract scholars from around the world and contribute to making Florence one of the world's most important cities.

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