The Historical workshops in Florence

The historical shops of Florence are still an essential part of the urban life of this ancient city rich in art and culture. Historic workshops in Florence represent a part of town, which travelers appreciate a lot.

Florence is one of the famous cities around the world, millions of tourists every year visit Florence to see the amazing works of art that this Italian city possesses.

The Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio, the Accademia Gallery, the Vasari Corridor, are some of the daily visited monuments and museums of Florence.
In parallel to the classic tourist routes, there is another side of Florence. Craft shops and small stores witness that the history and the great tradition of the city is still alive. You can see and feel that while walking in the streets and squares of the historic center of Florence.
Because of the large influx of tourists, there are many big retailers’ stores of major brands, but the small restauration shops and artisan tradition resists with handmade articles made according to the old traditions.

The shops in Florence are scattered throughout the historic center in no particular order.

Of course, small traditional shops are present in the side streets and in secondary squares, but they are still a reality that survives thanks to the great interest of people.

The neighborhood, which more than other maintained its tradition of artisanship and historical workshops, is the Oltrarno area.

Starting from the world famous Ponte Vecchio, which still hosts the old shops of goldsmiths. These shops were located on the Old Bridge at the behest of the de Medici family, who wanted to create presence of prestige to the entire area, because it was located near their residence and seat of government.
The Oltrarno district is also the area of the antique dealers who concentrate on the important Via Maggio and its surroundings. The presence of antique dealers is one of the reasons why here important artisan activities remained. The Florentine antique dealers are major clients of these small workshops.
The Oltrarno workshops are still mastering the way and result in its works not achievable in any other part. Processes the ancient tradition passed from Florentine masters and gold works created here are admired all over the world.
Tourists who visit Florence for the first time remain amazed by the craftspeople products of these small historic workshops, where you can find unique items, which are impossible to reproduce if you do not have the skills of these artisans. It require knowledge as well as years of experience in processing.

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